How to take a great close-up picture

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Published on: March 20, 2013

When it comes to taking a great close up shot, whether it’s with a point-and-shoot camera or the latest DSLR, it’s a tricky undertaking, almost like playing baccarat online. The results of a great close up shot can be visually stunning, but the reality is that the images that most people take end up blurry, out of focus and generally of poor quality.

It’s easy to blame the camera, thinking that an upgrade will do the trick. There are, however, far more affordable and effective solutions. By changing your approach to taking the shot, it’s possible to produce a stunning picture, even with the most basic point-and-shoot camera.

Here are our three tips that will see you taking fantastic close up pictures, in no time, no matter what camera you own.

  1.     Choose a contrasting background. One easy way to make your close up image stand out from the crowd is to simply take your shot against a sharply contrasting background. You could choose a contrasting colour or darkness, it doesn’t matter too much, the principle is the same; the stark contrast will help to sharpen the object in the foreground, creating a stunning picture.
  2.     Effective lighting. When taking a close up picture, lighting is always a problem, usually because your lighting source is derived from behind the camera; the results being the casting of a shadow on the image that you are trying to capture. To solve this issue, use a flash or an off-camera lighting source, which will create a far better finished product.
  3.     Use a tripod. One of the biggest issues when taking a close up shot is ensuring that you keep your hands steady; any wobble, no matter how minute, will affect the clarity of the image. By using a tripod, you guarantee a shake-free photographic experience, increasing the likelihood of capturing the image in its full glory.
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