“I Attended My 1st Event as a Photographer in a Poker Tournament”

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Published on: July 30, 2018

Poker is one of the most popular card games which involves elements of gambling and skill. In order to win a poker game, it is necessary for the players to use different strategies. Betting is an important aspect of the poker game. The player or the gambler should make sure that his/her cards are much better than the cards of the opponents and the chances of winning are more before taking the risk of betting. Many games in the gambling industry require the same strategy such as roulette or blackjack. Slot machines are more based on luck and the results are random. Players can trigger a jackpot at anytime and a big win is only one spin away. I have learned a lot thanks to timetobet.co.uk and their casino games explanations, you can check it out if you need more information.

Because of the huge money involved in poker games as betting, the players of this game will undergo different feelings and emotions as the play progresses. The suspense may last until the card being played. In other words, only at the last moment, the players will come to know who the winner is and who the losers are. A photographer who attends a poker tournament will definitely get ample opportunities for taking unique pictures of the players and their moods and emotions.

I have started my professional career as a photographer and I attended my 1st event as a photographer at a poker tournament. I have noticed that some of the players who took part in the tournament were newcomers whereas others were well experienced. I have noticed that the expressions and emotions of the experienced players were extremely different from that of the new players. The new players respond to the wins and lose instantly whereas the experienced players handled both wins and losses without showing many emotions. In other words, experienced players showed more sportsman spirit compared to new players while handling different situations in the poker tournament. I understood that experience makes people handle tough situations properly. They probably read a lot about tournaments as well, tips, reviews and more. Before attending to this event, I, myself read a lots about casino games, the gambling industry and even online casinos. I really wanted to cover all aspects of gambling. I found this opinion of Yukon Gold Casino for instance, quite useful and very helpful too.

While taking photographs of poker players, I have learned many new things as a photographer. I have learned the importance of anticipation in photography while taking photographs of the aforementioned poker tournament. After reading the faces of some players, it is possible for a photographer to anticipate whether he/she can get some good photographs from those players or not. Some players behave mechanically while playing and there is no point in focusing camera to those people.

On the other hand, some people behave restlessly and it is possible to get some unique pictures from them if the camera is focused on them for a substantial period of time. Be at the right place at the right time should be the slogan kept in mind by photographers who try to take unique photographs from a poker tournament. The photographer should always keep an eye on the eyes of the poker players. In the eyes of the poker players, the photographer can read many things. It is often said that the messages conveyed through nonverbal means are more than that through verbal means. Eyes are one of the major nonverbal means of communication and therefore photographer should look in the eyes of the poker players all the time if he/she wants to take unique photos such as the ones you can see on a well-known german site casinoclubdeutschland.de.

Unique moments can take place in a millisecond and the photographer should be ready to capture that moment if he/she is particular about taking good photos. In other words, timing is extremely important in photography. What makes the difference between a good photographer and an excellent photographer is the timing. Excellent photographers will always be capable of clicking at the right moment.

To conclude, while taking photographs of a poker tournament, the photographer should keep his/her eyes on the eyes of the players. He/she should be ready for an instant click as unique moments may occur even for a millisecond. You can check some of my shoots on the official website of Yukon gold casino, the top rated online casino these days.

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