5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Vacation Photography Skills

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Published on: February 27, 2013

Once the vacation season arrives, a lot of us prefer to leave the heavy photography equipment at home, carrying a compact digital camera instead. Unfortunately, taking quick snapshots with a simple point-and-shoot camera also means that we can easily fall into the routine that will make our photographs look repetitive and boring.

Here are some tips that will help you boost the skills of your point-and-shoot travel photography:

1) Abandon the comfort zone of auto shooting modes and use the manual modes instead – this should allow you to control ISO speed, flash settings and exposure stops, and it is a great start if you want to bring more diversity to your travel photos.

2) Now when you control the use of flash, you can choose when to use it. For example, taking photos of people indoors will often call for a flash, while shooting an outdoor photo with a low natural light might be better off without flash – especially if you want to capture the original atmosphere of the scene. Getting the trick is a little like knowing when to fold in poker – once you know it, you never forget!

3) Crouch or climb – find a fresh perspective that will reveal a hidden side of the object you’re photographing. You can also experiment with the formatting, framing your subjects off centre to avoid the static look of the portraits.Eiffel tower reflection in camera lenses

4) Remember to use the zoom option wisely. Often you will get better results if you take a step back and carefully zoom in to achieve proximity without risking blurriness.

5) There’s nothing like a vivid colour to make a photograph fresh and eye-catching. Red details in particular will create a sense of energy that will make your photographs appear more exciting.

For more useful tips, you can see Travel Photography School.

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