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Date : May 2013

Tips for Travel Photography: Capturing Landscapes

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Published on: May 20, 2013

Different people have different travel photography styles. Some take nothing but portraits of themselves in front of various landmarks, some like to photograph local people and ordinary, everyday objects to get a sense of the place, and others try to capture the complexity of an entire vista in a single landscape photo. If you’re a landscape photo person, you’ll appreciate these tips to improve your causal landscape photos.

1. Stop trying to document. Landscape photography requires you to submit your schedule to the whims of nature. You can’t just hop out of the car whenever you happen up on a scenic vista and snap a photo. This won’t give you the result you want. Instead of clicking the shutter wherever and whenever you happen to be, you need to make capturing a landscape photo your priority. Find a view you like and plan to spend some time there waiting for the perfect lighting conditions to develop and the perfect composition to reveal itself to you.

2. Be on location at sunrise and sunset. Early morning and evening provide the most dramatic light conditions and therefore make for the best photos. The harsh light of noon isn’t good for much but scouting.

3. Pretend you’re painting. Assembling the elements of your landscape photo composition as if you were adding them to a painting, rather than just accepting whatever happens to be in front of your viewfinder, can really help snap-happy tourists slow down and frame their landscape shots properly.

When you slow down and start seeking out lovely landscape shots, rather than just assuming they’ll come to you, you’ll get better results.


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