Top iPhone Camera Apps

In recent years, consumers have turned away from traditional cameras in favor of camera phones. Camera phones offer convenience that could not be previously achieved. The device provides an all-in-one camera, telephone, and Internet connection.


At first, the cameras on phones were of poor quality, allowing for only the most basic of pictures. But in recent years, Apple has worked to improve the quality of its iPhone camera. The device now features an 8-megapixel camera with HD video recording capabilities.


There are a number of apps also available to help better the experience. One such app is Instagram, which allows users to snap photos and upload them to the site via the app. Users can then browse online photo albums from friends, making it easy to upload and share photos with others. Facebook recently acquired the company for over a billion dollars


Another popular camera app is Toon Camera. With the app, pictures can be taken and changed to a cartoon drawing. There are a number of effects, allowing for users to customize pictures in a variety of ways.


One final photography app is 360 Cities. The app allows for iPhone users to take panoramic pictures of cities and other places throughout the world. All photos are then compiled into an online, searchable directory. Users can browse photo albums from those around the world, which allows for the discovery of some of the most beautiful panoramic pictures available. Even if you are not taking photos yourself, the app is recommended for the directory alone.



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Published on: June 25, 2013


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