Some Different Forms of Art

There are several forms of art that have been in existence for thousands of years. People have been using, learning, and enjoying art for a long time. Over the years, new art forms have gradually appeared; however, at the same time several art forms have lost their popularity and are now considered obsolete by many (such as graffiti). However, this often changes from region to region as this form of art is still very famous in several countries.

Explained below are some of the most common types of art for a better understanding:

Decorative Arts
It is art that involves designing and manufacturing functional objects. It is different from fine arts (such as photography and painting) because it serves a different function and is not merely for viewing.

Some common types of decorative arts are furniture, textile arts, ceramic art and stone carving. Architecture as a whole is also considered decorative art by many, but several people tend to disagree to it.

Performing Arts
Performing arts is a very famous and commonly used type of art that involves the performer passing off the message by performing. This art form is believed to be in existence since 1711, and has only grown since then.
Theatre, music, and dance are all types of performing arts. In these types of art, the performer can transmit the message through emotions and body language. Certain dance forms are associated with a certain feeling (such as waltz, which is considered to be a romantic dance form).

Fine Arts
Fine art is an art form that involves creating work of visual nature, such as paintings and photography. Training in fine arts is very common because it is believed to be a comparatively easily transferrable form of art. However, there are certain schools of thoughts that believe that this form of art is “in-born” and may never be learnt.

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Published on: November 19, 2012


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