Five things to consider when buying a DSLR camera

Whether you’re strictly an amateur photographer, or a budding professional, deciding which DSLR camera to purchase can be somewhat of a minefield. The options are seemingly endless and it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.


If you’re planning on taking the plunge into the world of DSLR photography, here are five things that you should consider before making your final purchasing decision.


  1.     What will I be using it for? This is the biggest question which you must answer before making any sort of purchasing decision. Will you be taking portrait shots? Pictures of panoramic landscapes? Will you be turning your pictures into large prints? Will you need to take HD video footage too? These are all questions which must be answered and will greatly affect the attributes that you look for in your new DSLR. After all, would you play in an online casino if you didn’t know how to play poker? No? Okay, then cover your bases first.
  2.     Budget wisely. Once you’ve decided what you need your DSLR to do, setting a realistic budget for yourself is a must. Shopping for DSLRs is, potentially, a very expensive undertaking and you must be realistic about what you can afford. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the camera, lenses, and any accessories you may require.
  3.     Maintenance. Unlike your current point and shoot camera, a DSLR requires a certain level of upkeep, especially where the lens is concerned. You must clean your lenses frequently, to ensure that no dust or grime collects and ruins your images.   
  4.     Cruise the forums. Reading all of the manufacturers information before you purchase a new camera is a given, but also ensure that you cruise the forums to get a real feel for what other photographers are saying about your prospective new DSLR.
  5.     Play with it. Choosing a new DSLR all comes down, in the end, to feel. Even if you intend to purchase the camera online, go into your local camera shop and ask to try it out first. Navigate the menus, try out the zoom and take some sample pictures; it’s the only way to know if it’s the DSLR for you.



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Published on: April 21, 2013


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